Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chocolate Covered Cherries - 12 Weeks of Christmas Treats (Week 10)

Did you all survive Thanksgiving? We hosted almost 20 people this year and it.was.exhausting. Trying to clean and prep the few days beforehand was like 1 step forward, 5 steps back.  But, we did it and it's over and I'm glad.  Next year pizza is sounding better and better, though. We can officially move forward with Christmas prep without getting the side-eye from friends for making Christmas cookies in September (and October & November).  It did feel a bit odd to start baking Christmas cookies in September, didn't it?  

Today's treat takes a bit of planning.  Did you know that it takes a couple of weeks for the centers of chocolate covered cherries to get that liquidy/gooey center that you're used to from the store bought box?  I had no idea how they were made before beginning this project, but I just assumed it did not take weeks. You can make these in steps if you don't have time to finish making them in one day. They don't take long, but there is a chilling step that makes a nice stopping point if you need it. You can wrap the cherries in the fondant one day and dip in chocolate another day. Then try and leave them alone for 2 weeks. I did my fair share of testing along the way ;)

If you're just now getting into Christmas mode, as I think most people are, there's still time to jump in and finish out the hop with us.  We have 2 more weeks to share our treats. Visit Meal Planning Magic for all of the details. Thanks Brenda, for all of your work with planning and organizing.

Source: Allrecipes.com

  • 60 maraschino cherries (with or without stems)
  • 3 tablespoons butter, softened
  • 3 tablespoons corn syrup
  • 2 cups sifted confectioners' sugar
  • 1 pound chocolate confectioners' coating

Drain cherries and set on paper towels to dry.

In a medium bowl, combine butter and corn syrup until smooth. Stir in confectioners' sugar and knead to form a dough. Chill to stiffen if necessary. Wrap each cherry in about 1 teaspoon of dough. Chill until firm.

Melt confectioners' coating in a heavy saucepan over low heat. Dip each cherry in by its stem (I didn't use cherries with stems), and place on waxed paper lined sheets. Chill until completely set. Store in an airtight container in a cool place. Best after 1 or 2 weeks.


thewaytohisheart said...

I had no idea it took that long. I keep saying every December I want to make these!

Melissa said...

I know, right?! There's still time this year if you start them in the next week or two, they will be perfect right around Christmas :)

Elaine said...

My grandfather would love these!! I usually buy him a box every year because I run out of time to make them, but I'm determined to make them from scratch. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Katrina said...

It's hard to "take one for the team" and post all these recipes for our readers all the way back to September. ;)
Awesome recipe, never had a clue chocolate covered cherries would take that long. Fun!

Heather Lynne said...

These were always my grandfather's favorites. I may have to make them for old time's sake.

Julia said...

I don't know if I'd be able to just let them sit for so long. I have a bad feeling that I'd be eating them all while I was waiting for the chocolate to set.

Annamaria @ Bakewell Junction said...

I never imagined you could make these at home. They look wonderful.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I just made these and they were very simple to make! My husband is staring longingly at them already and cannot wait for the 2 week mark to hit (I'm not telling him it's a "1-2 week wait").

from point of sale australia said...

Chocalate and cherries a perfect combination,taste yummy.

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