Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sidetracked. In a good way.

I know, it's been a month now since my last blog update. Don't worry, we're still eating. Homemade pizza, wraps, and tacos have been favorites lately. Between work, baby, and everyday life, we are staying plenty busy. Even if our dinners haven't been exciting, I'd like to tell you about something else that is very exciting! It's not cooking related, but I hope you'll still read.

A friend and I started a little business last Fall, called Beb-e-ssentials. We are making and selling crocheted hats, hair clippies, beanies, headbands, etc. We have stuff for girls and boys. We're having a lot of fun and it's going great so far.

We've been very blessed and want to pass on some blessings to others who really need it. This week we started something new for a little girl named Gwendolyn Strong. Do you know her? We didn't, until recently. We saw this video on YouTube.com. Gwendolyn has SMA. SMA is Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the leading genetic killer of young children. After seeing this video, we knew we wanted to help this little girl, and the thousands of other kids with SMA. We hope you will, too.

We contacted Gwendolyn's mom, Victoria, and let her know we'd like to help. Together, we've come up with the "Gwendolyn Butterfly" clippie. Find out why we chose a butterfly for this special girl.

We're giving 60% of our Gwendolyn Butterfly sales to the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (GSF).

In addition, we've kicked off a fundraiser that will run through May 9th.

We'll donate 20% of our bucket hat sales and 30% of all other online sales to the GSF.

That's in addition to the permanent 60% of Gwendolyn Butterfly clippie sales.

If you'd like to do a little shopping for the little ones in your life and help out a great cause at the same time, now is your chance! Pass this on to your friends, become a fan on facebook and you'll see how you can even get free shipping on your order.

Thanks for reading! We appreciate your support!


smoochkins said...

KUDOS to you for this! It's always good to turn your passion into business but what's more nobel than using it to help others. :-) Good luck and I support you in this cause. May the force be with you :-)

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