Monday, July 20, 2009

Cupcake Burgers & Fries

Here's a fun treat for your next BBQ. I saw these cupcakes on several blogs this summer and decided I needed to make them. I went the easy route and used box mixes for the cake and brownies and used canned icing.

I made the cupcakes mini sized and used one of the big wilton tips as a cutter for the brownies to fit just right on the cupcake.

You'll need:

1 box yellow cake mix made 50-52 mini cupcakes. I used liners for the cupcakes. Next time I would be more careful about how much batter went into each one because the ones that overflowed the top didn't have matching top/bottom bun sizes.

1 box brownie mix baked in a 9x13 pan was plenty for 50 cupcakes.

1 can of white icing - color some red, some yellow and some green.

sesame seeds (optional)

To assemble the burgers, start by cutting the cupcakes in half. Then top with a brownie burger, pipe some red, green, and yellow icing on top. Brush the top bun with a little bit of water and spinkle sesame seeds on top.

The burgers were fun to make and not too time consuming, but the fries were a different story for me. I bought refrigerated sugar cookie dough and rolled it out and cut it into strips using a pizza cutter. The idea was to peel away every other fry and place it on another cookie sheet so when it baked, it had room to spread.

Well...after rolling/cutting, the dough was pretty warm, so I popped it in the fridge for a while, but apparently not long enough. The dough was way too soft to be able to lift/move each individual fry. It was a long process to try and get the fries to keep their shape...and in the end, they didn't. They spread too much on the pan and didn't look much like fries. Oh well, they tasted fine and right after baking I threw them in a brown paper bag with some granulated sugar to look like salted fries.


Stephanie said...

Yours look so cute! Love the platter with the burgers and fries.

Jingle said...

Aren't they wonderful? You did a great job! I made them for the 4th and I had so much fun and they actually tasted really yummy, too!!!

Tonya Lynn said...

I stumbled on your blog from another!

These look awesome! Can't wait to make them for a work shin dig in a few weeks!!!

madebymel said...

I love the mini cupcakes! Everything looks great on the platter!

BMK said...

These are adorable! I love your presentation. I'm sure you still spent a lot of time on these even with the pre-made products.

Kerstin said...

So cute, great job! These would definitely be the hit of a party!

Penny said...

Great! Now you've done it. The boys now think we need to tackle these........... Your blog is going to change the way we eat! Oh and by the way you are still getting rave reviews for the fruit pizza. Thanks for bringing it!

Justin said...

Hey Melissa thanks again for bringing the awesome burgers and fries! Sorry to hear about your woes with the fries... They both turned out great and were delicious (Ohh,I mean Meliscious!)

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