Monday, October 20, 2008

Growing Garlic

Purple Stripe Garlic

To ward off the vampires and werewolves in our area, we planted some garlic in the garden. Ok, not really. We just went to a Garlic Festival where we talked to some garlic farmers who talked us into trying it. We also ate garlic ice cream and if you're wondering, it doesn't taste any better than it sounds.

Even though garlic is one of the most inexpensive things in the grocery, we thought it would be fun to give it a shot. Besides, this isn't the normal supermarket garlic (that's a common garlic - softneck, italian, or silverskin), but the Italian Purple Stripe variety, which is a hardneck garlic and less common. I read a little about this kind and found that it makes for a very sweet baking garlic. I'm thinking warm garlic bread with fresh tomato sauce from the garden. Nom Nom Nom.

So, all you do is plant the garlic in the fall, about 6 weeks before the first freeze and let it do it's thing all Winter long. Once the leaves die off, it's ready to harvest. Each garlic clove can be planted again and should grow into a new head - so it just keeps multiplying! I hope it works!


wifeplzak said...

That is awesome! I can't wait to hear how it all turns out

togetherbetter said...

oooh, let me know how it turns out!

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