Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wedding Cake

It's hard to believe we have been married for a year already! I'm a little late posting, as our anniversary was almost a week ago, on Sept 8th! Despite making, decorating, eating, thinking about a lot of cakes lately with the Wilton classes, I was pretty excited to get our top tier of the wedding cake out of the freezer.

I was having a hard time deciding what I wanted our cake to look like at the wedding, until I found a picture of a rustic, adirondak style cake online. Since we honeymooned in Alaska, it was perfect. My friend Jill's mom - Susan, made our cake. Everyone loved it! We had basic white and chocolate cake, but instead of buttercream or fondant, we had a white chocolate transfer wrapped around the cake to look like birch bark. Then, she filled in the layers with some greenery and delicious truffles from my brother, Jared. Our bride and groom moose topper came from eBay, along with the other Alaskan animal figures. I think I only had one bite that night...we did just a little smashing in the face (I made sure my piece to give Aaron was much bigger, so he wouldn't have much to smash in my face).

A few pictures from the wedding...

And here it is...1 year later! The cake tasted great and was still pretty moist. The white chocolate was like eating a candy bar. That was fun, and now I have more space in my freezer!


Connie said...

It does not seem possible that an entire year has gone by already. Enjoy your time together because each year will go by faster than the last. Happy Anniversary,
Love mom

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