Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wilton Course 2 - Class 2

Class 2 was a lot of fun last night. It was my first time using Color Flow (CF) and Royal Icing (RI). Even the preparation of the icing before class was better than all of the previous classes. I really hate using shortening & butter. It makes everything harder to clean. Our instructor asked us to leave our CF and RI very stiff, and we would thin it down and color it during class.

So, we started off by thinning out the CF to make the birds. We tested the CF by dropping a bit into the bowl and counting to 10. If the CF drip blended into the rest within 10 seconds, it was ready to use. I colored half of it a light blue using Sky Blue color. I piped a white outline (I have really un-steady hands!) of the bird and filled in with blue. I can see why the 10 second test is important. Towards the end of filling in the bird, you could see each place I stopped piping because it didn't blend in as much. Overall, I'm satisfied with my first try. The birds still need their eyes and beaks.I have a lot of color flow left over. I'm thinking I might try and make up a few things for a couple of cakes in the near future.

Next, we started with the Royal Icing flowers. Our first flower was the apple blossom. Again, we thinned down the CF to a slightly thicker than medium consistency, so it didn't get too soft and allow the flowers to lose their shape. I loved making apple blossoms. I really like that RI is a little forgiving in that you can adjust the petals a little after they are piped. I still need to put the yellow centers in (or is it white?), but didn't have a chance to color the yellow yet. I will probably finish it after tomorrow's class. I'm hoping I can strategically place them to cover up some imperfections. See how nice they look?

After the Apple Blossoms, we practiced violet leaves. I didn't get any pictures because I only did a few of these in class and didn't save any. Since they won't be on the final cake, I just made some using the icing for the actual violet flower. I think it could have used another drop or two of water because my wrist was shaking as I was trying to pipe it out. Ouch!

Our final flower was the violet. By the point, my wrist was killing me, so I am not very happy with any of these. I may redo them with a well-rested wrist :) Again, these still need their centers, which will be small yellow dots. This is the only close-up you get of the violets!

And here's a shot of everything we did in class 2. The birds are left on the cardboard to dry and the flowers laid in the plastic formers to dry and to help them curve a bit so they aren't flat on top of the cake.


Stephanie said...

Looks awesome! I've been wanting to do those classes for a while, but have just not done it yet. You are doing a great job!

Amy said...

Those look great! :)

Jared said...

The birds look good.

Joelen said...

Great job Melissa! You cake that you'll be decorating will look awesome!

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