Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm growing chocolate in my garden...

Sticking with the chocolate theme on my latest posts, here is the first ripe Chocolate Bell Pepper from our garden. I always thought chocolate should be considered a vegetable! I was very disappointed, as this did not taste like chocolate at all! Ok, I know...it's just chocolate in color, but how cool would it be if it tasted like chocolate or was filled with chocolate? I actually read on a website where people thought these were bell peppers dipped in chocolate. They even said they could imagine dipping red or orange peppers in chocolate and it tasting good, but not green peppers! Now, wouldn't that be gross? You can find anything on that InterWeb...thanks Al Gore!

Instead, a Chocolate Bell tasted like a normal bell pepper. We ate this first chocolate bell sliced, raw. Kind of sweet, with a good crunch. Red is still my favorite.

We planted red, orange, yellow, green, and chocolate bells this year. I wanted purple, too, but couldn't find them. Here is it August and we have only 1 ripe pepper so far. Some of the yellows and oranges are starting to turn. The reds still have blossoms...come on little guys - hurry up - I want to make fajitas!


Laura P. said...

It would be cool if this was all chocolate...I love peppers though so I'll have to give this one a try. : )

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