Saturday, August 9, 2008

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Here's another recipe I stole from another blog - Shannon's Kitchen. I made a few modifications, and below are the ingedients I used. Overall it was really good, but I put too much blue cheese dressing and made the crust a little soggy in the center. I've been having that problem lately, so I might try another dough, or pre-baking next time and see if I can't do better.

1 ball pizza dough (I used the basic dough recipe from Paula Deen)
1lb Chicken
1/2 cup Franks Wing Sauce
1 Tbsp Butter
Green Peppers
Green Onions
1 Pkg Mozerella Cheese
Blue Cheese Dressing (I used Ken's)

Cook chicken in hot sauce and butter. While chicken is cooking, wash and cut up veggies. Place dough onto pizza stone and spread out. Put 1/2 of mozzarella cheese on top of dough, and blue cheese dressing on top of that. I used about 1/2 bottle of Ken's Blue Cheese Dressing.

Put chicken on top of Blue Cheese.
Top with remainder of cheese and then the vegetables.
Bake at 450 for about 15-20 minutes.


Joelen said...

I can't tell you how awesome this looks! Buffalo chicken is my weakness... and on top of a crust?! I'd be in heaven :)

Emily said...

Dewey's has a similar one that I have every time I come home (it's called Ryan's Inferno)... Thanks for reminding me - I will have to try to recreate it here!

Tricia said...

this looks exactly how my husband likes his buffalo chicken pizza, I'll have to give it a shot! thanks :)

Maryanna said...

Your pizza is so pretty.

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