Monday, July 28, 2008

Wilton Course 1 - Class 4

Tonight was the final Course 1 class for decorating. The class started with 11 people and by tonight only 5 of us were left! I used the Best Ever Banana cake for this class and had a much easier time frosting this cake than my last one.

We finally got to complete our rose! I haven't had much success with the rose thus far, and tonight was no different. It started out pretty rough. I was thinking about throwing the entire cake on the floor out of frustration, but the instructor said she hasn't done that in all of the 20 years she has been decorating, so I thought that might be extreme for my 3rd attempt - no practice in between.
It's the consistency that makes all the difference, I'm convinced. I'm really good at making medium and thin. I just can't get the stiff right. it's either too stiff, or it's medium. But, after about 10 failed roses, I asked for help - I hate asking for help. I like to figure it out myself. But, I'm so glad I did. She came and made a rose for me to watch and I saw where I was going wrong. I was squeezing too little buttercream out and twisting too fast, so it was getting stretched and tearing too much. So, it was more of a user error than consistency problem. So, I managed to get a couple decent enough I wouldn't be totally embarrassed about putting on my cake. Not bad for the first attempt...at least I like to think so.

Next we practiced sweet peas. Looking at the sample cake in the book, I thought they were totally cute. Then we made them and I changed my mind. I will never put a sweet pea on a cake. Kinda dumb.

Then we made ribbons & bows - pretty easy. I forgot my camera tonight, so I don't have any photos of the techniques we practiced. Crap! - but it's better than forgetting the icing, like I did the first night.

Leaves...they just might be my specialty. Too bad I can't think of a design that uses stars and leaves - I've got them both mastered. I was able to squeeze out dozens of leaves almost perfectly. The only problem was finishing it - but was told that it was the tip's fault. If I took my spatula and kind of stuck it between the opening of the tip to open it up some more, it would fix that problem. I'll have to try that. For some reason my spatula was too thick for the tip.

I'm ready for Course 2 - it starts in 2 weeks! More pictures for your enjoyment - before I bring it to work and my coworkers devour it!
Next time - roses need space. When I placed the first rose on the cake, I really didn't think I'd get another one to turn out and thought this might be a one-rose cake. By the time I added the last one, they were clumped too close and on top of each other. The icing really didn't look that gray, but it's 10pm, I can't get a great picture at this time.

Maybe my best rose:


Joelen said...

Great job! Congrats on your last cake with a beautiful cake :)

Amy said...

Wow...you are AWESOME at roses...yay for course 1 being over!! :) Can't wait to see your other class cakes in the future!!

Cate said...

I'm so impressed! The roses look great!

madebymel said...

Congratulations on finishing course 1! Roses are so hard, but yours look great!

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