Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kim's Mom's Chicken Salad

I miss working with Kim - we worked together for 3 years before we both decided we couldn't stand that place anymore and had to leave. Even though the company was terrible, I have never worked with such a fun group of girls before. I still get together with the YCC girls every other month for dinner, so it's all good :) Quick side note: YCC stands for the name of the company we worked for - but Kim worked for a company called YIH, but we were all under another company called TPN. Yeah, I never did figure out why one place with 10-12 employees needs 3 names.

Anyway...when we all worked there, we would eat lunch together in the kitchen area of the warehouse. Kim used to bring in chicken salad that her mom had made and let me have a taste. Needless to say, I loved it and had to get the recipe and still make it occasionally. This weekend was such occasion.

There isn't an official recipe, but a list of ingredients and you just mix and taste as you go. I bought a whole chicken for $3.71 at the grocery and made lunch for week (+ one dinner). I boiled the chicken in water with salt and pepper. I didn't want to throw out all of that broth, so after removing the chicken and shredding it, I put some back into the pot of broth to make some chicken noodle soup. But this post is about Kim's Mom's Chicken Salad, so you'll have to read about Chicken Noodle Soup separately.

1 whole chicken, cooked & shredded
1 can crushed pineapple
1 can pineapple tidbits (We had fresh pineapple this time, so I chopped some up into smaller pieces and threw it in instead of canned)
mayo (we always use light)
pickle relish
salt & pepper
sugar -white, granulated (I probably put about a tablespoon in the entire bowl)

Mix all ingredients to your liking.


Joelen said...

mrMy mom made a similar chicken salad using pineapple and rather serving it as a filling for sandwiches, she made it into a pasta salad. Thanks for sharing!

madebymel said...

I have never heard of chicken salad with pineapple before, but it sounds interestingly delicious!I will have to try this soon, thanks!

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