Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Garden Update

I thought this would be a good time to give an update on our garden. We have planted tomatoes (several varieties), red, orange, yellow, green and chocolate bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, hot banana peppers, hungarian wax, cayenne, pimiento, mild jalapenos, serranos, habaneros, and cucumbers.

A couple weeks ago I was a little disappointed in our garden this year because I didn't think it was growing as well as it did last year. We changed a couple things this year, one of them being the fertilizer. Last year we used the liquid Miracle Gro, and this year I bought the pellet form that is supposed to last 3 months. Last year, our tomato plants were taller than me and had tons of fruit on everything we planted. Aaron's philosophy with everything seems to be that more is better (drives me nuts when I am cooking and he can't follow a recipe because he wants to put more than it calls for of any given ingredient). Being impatient, I decided to listen to him and figured a little more fertilizer won't hurt. We bought more of the liquid feed and started putting that on last week. Then we left for the weekend...and when we came back...WOW! Maybe I just don't remember the timing of everything last year, and I needed to wait longer, but I like to think it was the Miracle Gro that made a huge difference in just a matter of days.
We have 15 inch cucumbers...

Sweet bananas galore...

The yellow bells have really taken off. I hope our other colors catch up and do as well.

Finally...RED tomatoes!! These are the German Queens...

Just for fun - my little garden helper, Brownie:

Brownie - trying to push Trixie out of HER garden!

As I was standing at the kitchen sink the other day, I saw this hummingbird come to the feeder. I happened to have the camera nearby, so I got one good picture.

Trixie noticed right away and hopped up to watch.


Joelen said...

I'm jealous at how great your garden has been doing!

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