Sunday, June 29, 2008

Three's a Charm

Sorry, not cooking related! We have 2 cats: Brownie and Little Buddy (AKA Spooky). They are brother and sister and we got them on Valentine's Day 2007, when they were about 6 months old.

Here's Brownie:

She came to us as "Tinkerbell" and was very afraid of us when we got her. We couldn't get near her. She was a scaredy cat for several days, always in hiding, until the day I made a pan of brownies. I took them out of the oven, brought Aaron and myself a brownie with a scoop of ice cream to enjoy on the couch and all of the sudden I had a new best friend, in my lap, trying to eat the brownies. Totally different cat. We renamed her Brownie and she is the Princess.

And then here's Little Buddy:

He came to us as "Chubby". Aaron's favorite holiday is Halloween and he HAD to have a black cat. Since these cats were born around that time of year, he became Spooky. His name is very fitting because he is a big scaredy cat himself. He's afraid of the vacuum, any guests that come to the house, kids, you name it. But, he is very loving and a sweet cat and a good "Little Buddy". Both of our cats are inside/outside cats.

Ok, now that you have some background on our little family. I was standing on our deck the other day and saw the little neighbor kids (probably 2 & 3-4 year olds) petting Little Buddy. I was in shock. I have never seen either of our cats let a kid pet them. They usually run as fast as possible in the opposite direction when they see a child. I couldn't believe my eyes. So, I watched for a few minutes, then noticed a black cat on our deck: Little Buddy! Ok, so now I know this is just another black cat. I go on with the day.

The next day, Aaron goes out to call the kitties to come in. Brownie comes right away, and then so does Little Buddy. But once he got closer, he realized that's not him! It's Imposter Kitty that keeps showing up! So, we let Imposter Kitty inside for a minute, pet her a little bit - she's really friendly, looks exactly like our cat, but a little smaller and has a smoker's voice. (Little Buddy has a high pitched girly voice.) Our cats keep hissing at her and we don't really need a third cat. We put her out for the night expecting her to go back home. But, I felt bad because it was supposed to storm, so I gave her a little food and put her on our porch where she would be dry for the night if she didn't leave. I know, you don't feed a cat and expect it to leave!

Next morning I let our cats out, and Imposter Kitty is right there sleeping on the patio furniture! Long story short, that's been happening for the past 4 days. She comes in and hangs out for a while and leaves, but not for long. Today we both thought we saw her go out the front door (we had it open because we're painting it today). We hadn't seen her in hours and thought for sure she went home...wherever that is. I searched the entire house to be sure she was really out. Since Sunday is laundry day at our house, Aaron went up to get his clothes and found Imposter Kitty sleeping IN the hamper. She must have been there for about 5-6 hours before we found her.

And now she is sleeping on the window bench, making herself right at home, like she has lived here her entire life. I've posted pictures of her on our city's web forum, hoping her owner might see them or be looking for her. In the mean time, I'm calling her Trixie, since we can hardly tell our own Little Buddy from this trickster.

Anyone want a really sweet kitten?


jesstyler said...

I know I'm really late on this, but your cats are SOOO cute! They remind me of ours (we have two black ones too and can hardly tell them apart!) I hope you found a good home for Trixie!

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